In many European countries and in the States, one may find coin operated washing machines at laundries. In Budapest, this is not so common and at our enterprise, we prefer payment at a cash register. However, our services are in no way inferior to any other enterprise you may venture into at any other country or in Budapest. Quite the opposite! At a lot of laundries, you pay for a given time, which is usually 30 minutes.


Automated laundry services are ideal for people who don’t have a washing machine at home. Just load your dirty clothes in a box, put it in your car and drive to the closest laundry to clean your clothes in an instant. If you happen to be in the urban area of Budapest, then our establishment may just be the perfect solution if you are looking for automated laundry services. Our laundrys is located at Dohány Street 37 in the 7th district and is easily reachable by public transport and by car as well.

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