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Self service laundry Budapest

The best laudromat in Budapest, dropp off laundry avalilable.

WE ARE OPEN EVERY DAYS a.m. 9:00.-p.m.10:00 ! We are also OPEN AT SATRURDAY, SUNDAY and HOLYDAY. Drop off laundry available, no additional charges!

Our self service laundry is open every day from am 9:00 to pm 10:00 however the start of the last washing or drying is possible till 9:00 pm the start of the last washing+drying is possible till pm 8:30

You can find the best laundry of Budapest in the heart of the  city in Dohány street 37.

About the washing and drying machines capacity

Our washmachine’s maximum capacity is 8-9 kg garment / wachmashine, which one it is able to be washed under 20 minutes even 3kg of dresses. The maximum charger capacity of our tumble dryers is accordant to our washing machines (8-9 kg).

We optimized the numbers of our washing and drying machines for optimal amount of laundry in the busier periods with the expectation that we can start cleaning your favourite clothes immediately.

Why don’t we have larger washing machines?

We feel responsibility toward our environment and by our experience most of our customers couldn’t fill a larger machine with their garment, and so the bigger machine would had been wasting water and electricity.

But I have huge blankets!

Our washing and tumble dryer machines have really wide loading hatch which provides that a large blankets and rugs would also fit into without exceeding the weight load limit.

The tumble dryer’s maximum charge capacity reaches and exceeds the capacity of the washmachines.

Are the detergent and rinse included in the washing price?

Yes, both the detergent (Ariel) and rinse (Coccolino) are included in the washing prices, but of course all of our customers can use their own brand of detergent or rinse too, if that is commercially available.

We believe in sustainable environment

Because we vote for Sustainable Environment protection, almost ALL of our machines has an A+ or better energy class, which won’t waste the water nor the electricity, compared to other self-service laundries in Budapest.

Our washing machines protect your garment!

All of our machines are Woolmark certified for protecting the textiles, in contrast to other self-service laundries and laundromat, where they aren’t considerate that how much will be the textiles damaged during drying.

Where can I wait till the washing and drying ends?

We would like to invite you to our internet café while you are waiting during the washing and drying. We offer for our customers free access to the WIFI network, and you can drink coffee and soda from the vending machines. 30 modern computers are available if you want to spend your time with work or gaming.


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Laundry Budapest

Wash 'n' Dry drop off service Budapest 

Operating company:  Royal Hardware Ltd.  1074  Budapest Dohány street 37.   VAT number: 12320130-2-42

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