Our laundry's prices are tipically lower than the other laundromats in the area.

The following prices are valid since 01.01.2020

Washing “Short” 30 °C (max. 3kg - ~20 min.) - 800Ft

Washing "Intensive" 30-60 °C (max. 8kg - ~60 min.) - 800Ft

Hot washing 95 °C (max 8kg ~95 min.)- 1000 Ft

Extra centrifugation (+14 min.) - 300Ft

Dry – wardrobe dry* (max. 8kg -  ~70 min.) - 800Ft

We accept only cash (HUF, EUR)

Our prices contain the detergent and the softener! Both the detergent (Ariel) and rinse (Coccolino) are included in the washing prices, but of course all of our customers can use their own brand of detergent or rinse too, if that is commercially available

*At other laundries you usually paid for time, so it happens to be several times to pay for drying a portion of textile, as time goes on drying and can easily occur that the primary drying cycle is completed, the fabric remains moist, therefore you will be charged again until the complete drying. This will cost you the most at low temperature and / or hard-drying textiles.

In our self-service laundry the drying costs just HUF 800, as long as the fabric is dry, thus you can have a significant price advantage compared to most of the other self-service laundries. Please pay attention to the drying temperature. In case of high temperature drying quickly dries the fabric, but certain types of textile - which cannot stand the high temperature washing / drying – could be damaged.

In our experience, clients used to wash 4-5 kg garment at once, so everyone usually knows best use of even the smaller capacity machines. Do not fall for high-capacity industrial machinery service launderettes, if you do not have 11-16 kg garment with the same colour (which is a pass-washable) than it will cost you significantly more to wash only 4-5 kg in the same industrial-size washing machine, moreover you will damage the environment over the necessity. Remember also that 7 kg of clothes is a huge heap in a large laundry basket and fills a medium-sized suitcase.

This is 6.8 kg of garment:

Ennyi 7kg ruha

Our laundry's prices are typically lower than the other laundromats in the area.

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