Watch a movie on your laptop while your weekly laundry is done: wifi is free in our self service laundry! The washing machines and dryers do the work, you save water, electricity and money and can rest, read, work or play games in our internetcafé. If you wouldn't like to wait, because you have a city tour, movie starting, or just prefer to have a nice lunch, you can do all that, in the end our laundry is located in the "party district after all. The only think you need to do is to talk to the receptionist, and he or she will take care of your clothes, allowing you to leave and come back in a convinient time, your clothes will be waiting in a basked all done! In the close neighborhood you can also find pubs and restaurants with quality service and cheap prices.

Time:20-70 minutes
Temperature: 30-95 degrees
Programs: White, white antiseptic, color, delicate, bedlinen
Time: 40-120 mins
Temperature: 30, 50 degrees
Make your life easier:
  • Bed sheets?
  • Curtain?
  • Covers?
Wash and dry them without any problems.
Why choose us? 
  • Friendly, elegant design
  • Free WiFi
  • Magazines
  • Quiet machines
  • Nice temperature
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Air conditioned internetcafé with 30 up to date computers
Ariel Power Capsules with Cocolino softener, you can you them with the help of the receptionist according to you program. Naturally, you can also bring your own soap and softener and use them with the permission of the receptionists.
Are washing machines and dryers are the latest technology from AEG, they use the least possible amount of water and electricity to clean your clothes the most care. Our machines are regularly cleaned and cared for.


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