Public laundry services in the centre of Budapest

 Don’t own a washing machine? Tired of cleaning your dirty clothes with your bare hands? Why would you waste precious time washing your clothes the old-fashioned way when you can exploit the benefits of an automated laundry service for an unbelievably cheap price? Our establishment offers public and automated laundry services for a simple price of 800 HUF.

The public laundry is ideal for visitors, tourists and foreigners who don’t stay for long and want to get their clothes cleaned and dried in about an hour. Our shop is in the heart of Budapest, at Dohány street 37 and is easily reachable by public transport and a car as well. Our services are reliable and quick, plus while you wait you can surf the internet, watch videos or chat with friends via our Wifi network. For weary travellers we also offer coffee and soda so the time needed for the cleaning and drying shall be spent comfortably. A lot of people enjoy the benefits of our public automated laundry every day in Budapest. A significant advantage of washing your clothes with our machines is that you can be in and out in under an hour, which includes drying. If you have some e-mails or work to catch up on, then this is the perfect time for that, thanks to our internet network. We also optimized the numbers of our washing and drying machines for optimal amount of laundry in the busier periods so you won’t have to wait hours before a washing machine becomes available. Choose our establishment and you are guaranteed to have a spot every time you clean your clothes here! Worrying about damage to your clothes? No need! All of our machines are Woolmark certified and protect textiles to the maximum. If you are only spending a day or two here without accomodation, then Dohány Street 37 is the place for you to clean your dirty clothes! 1 hour and you can continue your travels to wherever you are headed, plus you’ve managed to clean your dirty clothes for ’dirt cheap’. Our self-service laundry establishment is friendly, comfortable and our staff are happy to assist you in every way possible. Stop by any time!

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