Are there any coin operated laundry services in Budapest?


In many European countries and in the States, one may find coin operated washing machines at laundries. In Budapest, this is not so common and at our enterprise, we prefer payment at a cash register. However, our services are in no way inferior to any other enterprise you may venture into at any other country or in Budapest. Quite the opposite! At a lot of laundries, you pay for a given time, which is usually 30 minutes.

The problem with this method is that sometimes textile takes much longer to dry, thus the customer needs to pay for the service several times just go get his or her clothes dried. We think differently. At our enterprise, you only need to pay once, you can do everything yourself but you may also ask for assistance from our colleagues and you don’t have to search for coins either. You play once for a service and you can take as much time as you need to get everything in order, dry all the clothes, etc. Our prices contain the detergent and the softener! Both the detergent (usually Ariel) and rinse (usually Coccolino) are included in the washing prices, but all of our customers may use their own brand of detergent or rinse if that’s what they prefer. We provide fair and effective cleaning service to those who don’t have a washing machine at home or if it’s currently in repair. You can wash a fair amount of clothes in each of our machines and getting to know them only takes a few seconds with the assistance of our staff! Our prices are included on or website but you may also contact us any time you want. In our self-service laundry, the standard service with drying costs 800 HUF, which is a great price compared to other laundries. We mostly use smaller machines to keep the costs for us and you the lowest possible. If you need a good cleaning service, then definitely see our enterprise. We don’t use coin-operated washing machines because we have a way more effective and practical way to handle things. Visit our store, talk to our staff, utilize any kind of payment you wish and clean your clothes for dirt cheap!

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